Directions 2003

TSA National Leadership Conference

Reston, Va.


Directions 2003 took place in Reston, Virginia. Caitlyn, Ross, Alex, Alexis and John left West Virginia on a flight to Dulles Airport on Friday, October 10. Upon arrival, Caitlynís luggage was missing, possibly in Boston. With no prospect of finding the suitcases at the moment, we headed for the hotel.

The conference started at 2:00 where the officer team participated in a few ice breakers with many other activities. We also joined up with the officer team from Washington to complete a ropes course. We worked as a team to solve events like Spider Web, Electric Fence, and Speed Count.

On Saturday, our officer team participated in a TSA trivia activity. After lunch everyone boarded buses for Camp Hemlock, a leadership ropes course where everyone spent the rest of the afternoon trekking through the woods and  accomplishing different challenges. One of the highlights of the trip was a 50 foot high, 300 foot long zip-line which carried passengers on a flight through the woods.

The following day, we were split into our different offices to meet with the national officers. We used this time to gain new ideas for West Virginia and to improve our own abilities within each office. Afterwards, our group boarded a plane back to West Virginia.

P.S.  Caitlynís luggage finally arrived sometime during the next week. It seems that it was enjoying Boston.



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The West Virginia team makes plans for solving one of many problems the had to solve during the weekend.


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